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Multifandom blog. Mostly Once Upon A Time and Lana Parrilla.

The crew view their promo pictures aboard the Jolly Roger

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iosjfaisjas YOU'RE ONLINE! I'm so sorry for my flood of messages about your url. I just wanted to let you know that I changed mine (I was somewhatscrewy when I messaged you before) but in the future I would still be interested in trading you or something for this if you ever change your url! And if you need to get in contact with me or anything you can find me at captainsqueen now not somewhatscrewy. Ok I'll leave you alone now! Have a nice day :)

Yeah, I’m back asdjsalkd. Aw don’t worry, I’m just see your messages now but I’m glad you can change your url *-* I like it this one because Hooked Queen asdffghjk. If I ever change my url you will be the first to know. Thank you! you too :).


Most horrific publicity I’ve seen in a while


With a bit over two weeks left until the season 3 premiere of Once Upon A Time:

  • We don’t have promo video for the new season  - the only thing we have is the one heavily using s2 material and with a few s3 shots cuts
  • The promo photos are botched and horrible and unprofessional and I have seen an overwhelmingly negative reaction from all fronts and, whether connected or not, they have been pulled from mainstream.
  • As an Evil Regal I love the official poster using Regina but it has been used for season 2 plus happens to be a season 1 shot.
  • We have no sneak peeks - in fact they are trying to use fans to get to 3 million likes on Facebook to get a sneak peek of an ep that will air in two weeks. Remember how Adam and Eddy had a special thank you video just for one million?!
  • Although the cast has been sharing cute behind the scenes pictures, they are just that; limited circles, however big the fandom is.

Basically not only has ABC failed to impress ONCE’s already existing fandom by making them wait, crave and WORK to promote THEM and giving us nada in exchange, they absolutely fail at trying to reach out to new viewers by the lack of promo material.

IDK about you guys but if this was my show, I would be mighty pissed off by the botched promotion.

ABC please do something - it’s about time to start promoting.


ouat meme: [2/2] lands

↳”A Land Without Magic” 

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